Company Capabilities

Company Capabilities

Landmark Pacific is capable of providing structural steel and pre-engineered building services beginning with

the design through the construction phase. Our pre-construction expertise allows us to assist owners

in meeting budgets and program goals. The company’s project management structure helps

to ensure a well-organized and successful construction project.


  • Pre-Construction
  • Estimating/Budgeting/Cost Analysis
  • Engineering
  • Permit Acquisition
  • Project Management

Products Available

  • Metal Roof Systems
  • Panelized Building Systems
  • Steel Structural Systems
  • Wall Systems
  • Waterproofing


Landmark Pacific believes that scheduling is an important first step in the construction process. Our scheduling process is a problem-solving tool as well as a control for construction operations.

Our scheduling is an integrated effort from management to field personnel. Our base of experience goes beyond project reports into evaluating the process and the best course of action for improving the schedule.

LPI uses Construction Partner software for the monitoring, reporting and controlling of the project schedule. All documents are prepared in-house.


Landmark Pacific Inc. takes the responsibility of providing a safe work environment seriously. We emphasize both on and off job safety in our Loss Prevention Program.

We vigorously enforce our zero tolerance drug and alcohol policy with pre- and post-hire testing of all employees.


Landmark Pacific has a strong relationship with many of the competent general contractors and subcontractors. In our role as a general contractor on one job and a sub contractor on another, we are cognizant of the need to maintain a partnership through communication and scheduling. We believe that this partnership is the backbone of meeting the building needs of the client in the least restrictive environment.


Landmark Pacific Inc’s negotiated process allows us to share our expertise and ideas with owners during the early stages of the project. This approach allows the owners the opportunity to benefit from LPI’s perspective before all the design elements are finalized.